These testimonials have not been edited nor are they paid endorsements. The children and their parents love us, what can we say?!

Our son was in Miss Amanda's class for two years between the ages of 3-5. It was so important to us during those tender years to know that he was in the care of such a thoughtful and dedicated teacher. She genuinely cares for each of her young students and she provides them guidance in essential preschool learning that ranges from social interaction to developing motor skills. She builds a strong foundation for future learning in every way.

My child often talked to me about how kind and caring their teacher was.

My both kids went for 8 months but they enjoyed everything single thing that happened in preschool.They had marvellous time with teacher and friends. We liked their program with children. Miss Amanda is sincere and devoted person. We wish her very best for her career.

"Miss Amanda is an amazing teacher, a kind and caring person, and just an all-round wonderful human being.  Both my boys had 2 years of being her students, and they both thrived under her direction.  Both boys were sorry to be done with preschool. Any school she is a part of will be well worth it!"                                 Kristy.

We had the pleasure of having Miss Amanda teach our son preschool when he was three years old. Our son has a sensitive soul and felt anxiety about being away from us. Miss Amanda has a warm, loving nature and was able to connect and support our son through this transition. Our son regularly told us that Miss Amanda was his favourite part of preschool and his eyes would light up as he spoke about her.  We highly recommend Miss Amanda as a preschool teacher. Katelyn. 

We have had the pleasure of Miss Amanda teaching our daughter in preschool this year. Our daughter is very reserved in new situations, and she can become quite distraught when left without on of her parents. Miss Amanda connected with our daughter very quickly, and our daughter was comfortable with her almost immediately. Miss Amanda's soft manner, and compassion played a big part in this. The growth we have seen in our daughter over the past half year, has been remarkable. At 3 years old, she is able to write her name, has shown so much care and compassion towards others, and has grown in her social skills incredibly. Our daughter looks forward to going to school, and each time she asks about Miss Amanda. We feel that Miss Amanda will do everything in her power to create the best learning environment for the children, and that she encourages them to be independent while doing this.                                                               Ron and Tricia.

You will always hold a special place in the heart of Alex and our familiesWe have  'Teachers" are the most magnificent people in our children's lives next to a parent. Miss Amanda's time spent in encouraging Alex to be herself, kind to others, not giving up and to take care of our nature will hold great bearing froward. Miss Amanda is a beautiful soul and was truly meant to be a part of my child's life! Your gentle spirit will be missed along with that big daily smile. We wish you the best always.                                                                                       Shawna & Alex.

Miss Amanda has a soft and gentle approach with all the children, instead of demanding orders she leads by example.  She will pretend to cough, but deliberately do it in her elbow in efforts to show the coughing child the proper way to cough, and we have seen the children quickly model behaviours after her. Miss Amanda always monitors the slightest things in the children, such as a quieter than normal behaviour. We are so lucky to have both our children go through preschool with the instruction of Miss Amanda, she has prepared them thoroughly for kindergarten, beyond what we ever expected them to be ready for. Our son learned to read 3 letter words. She has furthered their love for the environment, loving every creature big or small. Thank you so much for everything!                                                                                                                     The Skoro's.

Ms. Amanda was fantastic preschool teacher for my daughter. My daughter was shy and had anxiety with new environments.  Ms. Amanda was always very calm and patient with her.  She would encourage her with task and activities and made feel comfortable at preschool.  Ms. Amanda provided a great foundation and transition into kindergarten for my daughter and I would highly recommend her and her preschool.                                                                                                 Juanita.

"Our daughter went to school with Miss Amanda for two years. She developed from a shy little girl to a strong and independent leader. We are glad we chose the Montessori way of learning, and in particular Miss Amanda as a teacher. She is kind and understanding and all the kids love her!"                                                    Anne-Marie.

Ms. Amanda is engaging and responsive to all the children in her class. She models desirable behaviour in her clean, ordered classroom. Her fun and inventive crafts leave elegant keepsakes for many different occasions.
Robyn Elizabeth Fentie.

Miss Amanda has a genuine connection with children. Her heart is compassionate, kind and completely in-tune with children and their needs in a way that I found  inspirational.  This is a pre-school that cherishes the spirit of children, and guides them in learning in a way that respects and honours their abilities and sensibilities. I couldn't have asked for a better start for my daughter. 

Ms.Amanda is an amazing person and an inspiring teacher. She connects with the kids and makes learning fun for them. Our daughter was often exciting to bring nature into the class where Ms. Amanda embraced her curiosity and used it to teach all the kids. She had a versatile approach that had the kids learning from different angles. She got on their level and was always willing to help parents out if they had questions, concerns or needed tools to help their child. I can 100% recommend Ms. Amanda.

Miss Amanda is an Admirable, Marvellous, Amazing, Nurturing, Dedicated and absolutely Awesome teacher!! She will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially as our sons first teacher. Thank you for everything!                        Nabeela.

We've recently returned for our second season with Discover Montessori. My daughter, myself and my husband couldn't be happier with our choice to enroll for the second year at this school. The outcome of my daughters first year was AMAZING! She learned and grew so much. From the moment I met Ms. Amanda, I had an instant connection with her. She was so easy to talk to, warm, friendly and most importantly, excellent with children. She met my daughter down on her level and engaged with her even before she acknowledged myself. This reassured
me that she was comfortable and great with small children, and put them first. The other teachers at the school are also wonderful. Ms. Julie and Ms. Kristie are excellent teachers and have always been easy to talk to, warm and truly enjoy the children. My daughter is excited about school, she comes home happy and always has so much to talk about after her class. This gives me so much confidence in leaving her, knowing she truly enjoys where she is. The
classroom is beautiful. So much thought has gone into the different areas and stations. It's clean, bright, functional and well looked after. This school is a child and parents dream!

Ms. Amanda,
I wanted to thank you so much for being you. You truly are a blessing to all the children. I've never met anyone quite like you, and the lovely ladies you've employed. I hope you know how lucky we are to have found you and we're already feeling sad that this is our last year in your classroom.
Meaghan Parkin (Adrianna's Mom).

As parents of a very spirited child we were so thankful of your calming demeanor and caring attitude. Bree thrived in Montessori under your guidance and the lessons you taught her also showed in her home life. You were always welcoming to us parents at the end of the day and tried to make time for everyone who needed your ear. We loved how you would show us what you had found helped Bree when she was having a difficult moment and we were able to use the same tools at home. We feel that Bree having been to preschool with you really helped prepare her for kindergarten (we were thrilled in our kindergarten teacher interview to see her tidying up one play area or "work area" before moving on to the next). We can't wait for you to open your beautiful new space and will 100% be sending Brooklyn in a few years! 
All the best, Liz and Leigh Freelove.

"Miss Amanda and her teachers set a gold standard for preschool education. It’s a class full of fun, creativity, and discipline where it is needed. My son Jasper tells me how fun it is to be at school and that he will miss his friends and teachers as the school year end. We have noticed positive changes to our son throughout the months and it’s amazing how our son brings home crafts he made for us at school. We've kept every single piece in his "treasure box". Thank you very much, Miss Amanda, Miss Julie, and Miss Kristy for your kindness. You have been a
blessing to Jasper and our family. I hope to see you in a few years when my daughter goes to preschool."
Noel and Jezel.

My daughter attended the Montessori Preschool program with Miss Amanda, and I could not have chosen a better first school experience. I was so pleased to see that their curriculum was education based, and not only play like many others preschools I had considered. My daughter started off the year very shy, not knowing anyone there, or anything about school! She has now formed amazing friendships and has found her voice! Miss Amanda always gave her the quiet one on one attention, encouragement and praise that she needed to succeed. She pushed her into what she excelled at, and gave me the tools I needed to help her to continue to improve in areas at home. By the end of the year, I was blown away by just how much she had learned. My youngest cannot wait for her turn to have Miss Amanda as her teacher at the new Discover Montessori Preschool!    Jodi.

Miss Amanda is truly an outstanding teacher. She is the most calm, patient and empathetic person I have ever met, in and outside a classroom. She has the ability to engage and hold the attention of an entire class while creating a peaceful environment, and fostering and encouraging creativity. She utilizes Montessori methods and materials wisely. Simply put, your child could not be in more capable hands.                                                                                                Jullian.

Our children became better little humans because of Miss Amanda.  Her patience, attentive approach shines through. Miss Amanda lives up to her profession of a Montessori preschool teacher. You can see in each child's face how she makes them feel like they are the only one in the room.                       Thank you. Jack, Taylor, Jess & Sam.

Ms. Amanda,I really loved going to preschool because you were my teacher. I learned lots of stuff from you. My favorite thing was when I learned about numbers from you. I liked when you painted my nails, it made me fashion. I love when you helped me with pin pushing. I'm exited for your new school and I will see you when we drop Scotty off.                                                                                    Brianna (Preschool student).

We have had Miss Amanda as our child's preschool teacher for 3 years. She is a gifted educator and has provided exceptional care to our children. We feel that our children received the best preschool education under her guidance. Our children grew both intellectually and emotionally in her class. Our children truly adore Miss Amanda, and have been known to jump out of shopping carts at the grocery store when they see her so they can give her a big hug. She will forever have a special place in our families heart and I truly believe that our children will grow to be better adults because of the influence she had on them in their early years. We are exited for all the families and children who have yet to meet you and whose lives you are about to profoundly change and better.                                Joanne & Paul.

Both our children said when I asked them, "what is the most important thing Miss Amanda has taught you?" their response, "to be kind, to be a good friend" and that is to me the most important then most things you learn in school.  As a parent I learned from Miss Amanda that any mistake is an opportunity to learn and explore and not a defeat.  Having our children under Miss Amanda's care has made a huge impact on the first years, they are eager to learn and eager to share their knowledge. Then of course I can't help but attribute my son's advancement in reading, writing and math at a grade 5 level in grade 1, this extends to Miss Amanda's skills as a Montessori teacher. We will miss you dearly.                             Asa and family. 

We are so pleased with the care and education our daughter received form Ms. Amanda. She is a very a very kind and passionate teacher that truly cares and loves children. Our daughter couldn't wait to go to preschool to see Ms. Amanda and talks about her to this day. She learnt so much from yoga, music, recycling to French and gained so much confidence. We wish Ms. Amanda all the best in her new facility and cant wait till our other daughter is old enough to attend her preschool.                                                                                                                     The Weiss family.

My daughter attended Montessori Preschool with Miss Amanda for two years before Kindergarten.  I can emphatically say it was one of the best decisions we made in regards to raising our child. I believe it was through Miss Amanda’s caring and creative approach that allowed our daughter to adapt seamless into the public school system. Every day she looked forward to seeing Miss Amanda and often had fun stories when picked up.                                                              Our daughter is a single child and has a strong personality. She responds best with someone she respects to guide her; Miss Amanda was the perfect blend of the sensitive and firm traits needed to run a Montessori Preschool and give my daughter the best experience. My daughter is now in grade 3 and my entire family and I still have kept our friendship with Miss Amanda. Our daughter has even talked about helping out Discover Montessori Preschool when she is older.  I wish Miss Amanda’s new endeavour great success and unreservedly recommend Discover Montessori Preschool for any parent wanting to give their child an outstanding environment to learn and grow.                                          Greg.

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